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Our clinic offers that New medical solutions for sleep disorders, fatigue, and chronic pain faced by business owners and celebrities

The most advanced medical treatment abroad, including Harvard University, incorporates and offers treatments that go beyond the framework of medicine. We offer a wide range of approaches, including chiropractic and lifestyle prescriptions, to resolve symptoms that have not been addressed by existing medical treatments.

Our clinic is by referral only..

Dr. Shotaro Michishita-

Approach to Sleep Disorders, Fatigue, and Chronic Pain.
What is Medical Chiropractic?

New Approach

Our medical chiropractic care is a departure from conventional chiropractic care and is performed under the analysis of Dr. Michishita, a neurosurgeon. Based on the analysis, our medical chiropractor fundamentally adjusts the skeletal structure to stabilize the autonomic nervous system and release nerve compression, thereby improving sleep disorders, fatigue, and chronic pain.


Effects of Medical Chiropractic
Number of cases: 102 (May1, 2014 - June11, 2022) Male to Female Ratio: 52.0% Age: 41.6

Other details

Number of treatments until improvement of chief complaint5.73

First sleep disturbance58.8%

​reactive disorder20.6%


​Applicable symptoms


​Sleep disorders

Non-medical sleep disorder improvement for people who are always tense and unable to get satisfactory sleep


Fatigue recovery for those who have gradually accumulated fatigue and whose performance has not fully recovered even after taking a rest.

chronic pain

Accurate diagnosis and fundamental solution without drugs for stiff shoulders, headaches, back pain, numbness, etc.

Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong

​Treatment details

Medical Approach

Image by Augustine Wong



We give first priority to a detailed medical examination, conduct examinations that suit the individual, and propose the optimal options based on our reliable diagnostic capabilities.

​Stem cell supernatant drip

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

According to the current symptoms,We will administer a stem cell supernatant drip.


We will prepare and provide vitamins and amino acids according to the current symptoms.

Medical Cairo

Medical Chiro

Neurosurgeon with skeletal distortionMichishita's analysis and medical chiropractor's adjustment will fundamentally improve chronic fatigue, pain, and sleep disorders.



Examination + Medical Cairo


body composition test

Medical Cairo


Stem cell supernatant 10cc

​40,000 yen

​ 6 times 22,800 yen

12 times 444,000 yen


Examination + Medical Cairo

recovery drip


body composition test

Medical Cairo


Stem cell supernatant 10cc

59,800 yen


medical examination +recoveryInfusion

​Stem cell supernatant drip


body composition test


Medical Cairo

Stem cell supernatant 10cc

529,800 yen

Flow of treatment


1 Inspection

We will find the cause of symptoms in each patient's lifestyle, rather than asking a few unconventional questions in a few minutes as in the case of insurance treatment. If additional tests are necessary to analyze symptoms and determine the cause, additional tests will be performed.

2    assessment (suggestion)

Through detailed inspection and testing, we will propose the best course of action for the patient.

3  treatment

Based on the assessment, we will provide various treatments including medical chiropractic, lifestyle prescriptions, and intravenous infusions.

We will share specific plans, numerical values, etc., and work together with you to face your symptoms..


AK-69  Male in his 40s

◎ Occupation: Artist

He has been a leading artist in the HIPHOP world for 20 years, and this clinic accompanied him for several months during his live performances. We continue to support his body as an exclusive clinic.

◎ Prescription contents

Medical chiropractic, Stem cell supernatant infusion

◎Improvement details

​Improve sleep and reduce chronic muscle stiffness



Kano  Male in his 60s

◎ Occupation: Dyeing and weaving designer

A one-of-a-kind dye creator who brings charm and talent to textiles in Kyoto, where tradition and innovation coexist. He had been suffering from back pain and lumbago for many years due to his creative aesthetic sensibility and came to our clinic through a referral. He is now pain-free and is making great strides in his kimono-making.

◎ Prescription contents

Medical Chiropractic

◎Improvement details

​Improve sleep disorders and recover from fatigue


Yoshiki Risa  Female in her 30s

◎ Occupation: TV Personality

Former gravure idol for many years. 3 years since coming to the clinic to maintain her beautiful posture. She returned to work soon after receiving prenatal and postpartum care. She is now balancing her work as a TV personality with raising her children while learning not only about beauty but also about the body and realizing the importance of bones and health.

◎ Prescription contents

Medical Cairo

◎Improvement details

​Neck pain, shoulder pain/firmness improvement, sleep disorder improvement




chronic pain


Sleeping disorder

  • Chiropractic can improve the chronicity and exacerbation of low back pain (1) (2) (3) (4)

  • Lifestyle guidance for low back pain is more effective than treatment alone (5)

  • SAS is greatly influenced by body weight. 10% weight gain increased AHI by 32%. Conversely, a 10% weight loss was associated with a 26% reduction in AHI. SAS can be cured with a diet and exercise program (6)

Representative doctor: Shotaro Michishita

2015 Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine
2017 Jikei University School of Medicine University Hospital / Neurosurgery

2019 Established Re.habilitation Co., Ltd.
2021 Retired from Jikei University Hospital

2021 Supervised by AFRODE CLINIC

AFRODE CLINIC provides efficient recovery and preventive medicine that does not rely on drugs, with medical care at its core, to people whose daily lives are physically and mentally taxing, such as executives and celebrities. We aim for this area to become a new medical option and take root in the lives of the general public.


​member introduction

Specialists in each therapeutic area ​ face your body and mind.


BASE Jingumae B1F, 3-5-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Opening hours

​business days

10:00am – 6:00pm

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