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​ Stem cell supernatant infusion It is said to promote the functional recovery of tissues and cells that have been damaged in the body, and is used in a variety of applications, from improving indefinite complaints to aging care.

​ Please experience the care approach at the cellular level.

Our clinic is a complete referral systembecomes.

Dr. Shotaro Michishita-

​In the culture medium for culturing stem cells​ active ingredients such as cytokines​secreted

The supernatant liquid from which stem cells are removed contains an abundance of active ingredients that activate cell regeneration.


What is Stem Cell Supernatant Infusion?

When stem cells are cultured, many growth factors and proteins are secreted into the culture medium, and a liquid (supernatant) containing many of the produced growth factors is purified. In recent research, many physiologically active substances such as these growth factors secreted by stem cells act on damaged cells, thereby promoting tissue regeneration, and expectations for their effects are increasing.

​Difference between stem cell supernatant and stem cell therapy

Quality Management


Stem cell therapy is a treatment in which the patient's own cells are collected, cultured, and administered. In the first place, even if you culture your own damaged cells, it is difficult to produce a threatening effect. Stem cell supernatant is expected to improve at the cellular level by activating cells, including their own stem cells.

​Quality of stem cell supernatant

Quality Management

Aphrodisiac Clinic provides treatment with purely Japanese human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell culture supernatant produced at a partner cell culture processing facility.


Stem cell supernatant is in a transitional period of research, and it is generally said that if the production method differs at each culture facility, there will be differences in efficacy. The drugs in our hospital are currently in the stage of collecting research results. In the research process, we have recognized a trend of improvement in various cases.


human virus test

We are conducting tests for human viruses (HIV1, HIV2, HTLV1, HTLV2, HCV, HBV, EBV, CMV, ParvoB19) that are recommended for testing in guidelines for the quality and safety of cell-based pharmaceuticals. Nucleic acids were extracted from the cells collected by centrifugation of the test specimens using a DNA/RNA simultaneous collection procedure using NucleoSpin RNA, and viral sequences were detected by reverse transcription/real-time PCR using primers/probe sets specific to each viral sequence. determine existence.


Sterility test

We measure aerobic bacteria such as fungi that grow during culture, and anaerobic bacteria that do not require oxygen. After inoculating the test sample into the test medium using the sterility test device Bactealert, it is cultured at 32.7°C for 7 days, and the sterility is determined from the growth of the bacteria. In addition, as an inhibition confirmation test, the test medium is inoculated with the test sample and various standard bacteria, cultured in the same manner as the test sample, and the growth of the standard strain is confirmed to determine that there is no inhibition.


Endotoxin test

Endotoxins are a type of pyrogen (pyrogenic substance) and have biological activities such as pyrogenic and lethal toxicity.
A sample is added to the Endosafe-PTS Cartridge JP and measured with an endotoxin measuring device. Using the endotoxin standard product incorporated in the cartridge as an index, the addition recovery rate of the endotoxin standard product and the endotoxin concentration of the sample are measured. .


​Symptoms improved at our hospital

  • Bone/muscle/joint symptoms

  • ​systemic symptoms

  • ​vascular symptoms

  • joint pain

  • headache

  • arrhythmia

  • ​back pain

  • ​Malaise

  • ​Peripheral circulatory disorders

  • ​Whole body firmness

  • Dizziness and lightheadedness

  • ​myocardial infarction

  • Stiff shoulder

  • Sleeping disorder

  • Arteriosclerosis

  • frozen shoulder

  • ​​rheumatic disease

  • cerebral infarction

  • ​Neurologic symptoms

  • ​Skin symptoms

  • gynecological symptoms

  • Numbness

  • Rough skin

  • ​Infertility

  • ​back pain

  • ​Vitiligo

  • Menopause

  • joint pain

  • Rash

  • Stiff shoulder

  • Sleeping disorder

  • frozen shoulder

  • ​​rheumatic disease

Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong
Image by Augustine Wong

Expected effect

​​ Vascular regeneration and angiogenesis

​Cell repair and regeneration

​Anti-inflammatory effect

Active oxygen scavenging action

Immunomodulatory action

Beauty effect



Stem cell supernatant drip 30cc

1 time

550,000 yen


Stem cell supernatant drip 30cc

​3 times

1,550,000 yen


Stem cell supernatant drip 30cc

​6 times

3,100,000 yen

Stem cell supernatant drip 30cc

​12 times

5,650,000 yen



Stem cell supernatant drip 30cc

​12 times



5,650,000 yen


nerve regeneration
  • Stem cell supernatant exhibits neuroregenerative effects on pain, dysfunction, and muscle atrophy associated with nerve injury. (1)

  • Stem cell supernatant prevents muscle atrophy and induces microenvironment from fibrosis to self-renewal when neuropathy occurs. (2)


​New therapeutic area

  • Intravenous administration of stem cell supernatant may be a treatment option for organ damage due to COVID-19 infection. (3)

  • Various nutritional factors and cytokines contained in the stem cell supernatant are effective against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS. (4)


​vascular treatment

  • Stem cell supernatant contributes to the repair of pathological scars such as keloids and hypertrophic scars through immune repair and angiogenesis. (5)

  • Stem cell supernatant is safe and effective against acute myocardial infarction and chronic heart failure. (6)

Representative doctor: Shotaro Michishita

2015 Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine
2017 Jikei University School of Medicine University Hospital / Neurosurgery

2019 Established Re.habilitation Co., Ltd.
2021 Retired from Jikei University Hospital


2021 Supervised by AFRODE CLINIC

AFRODE CLINIC provides efficient recovery centered on medical care for business owners, celebrities, and other people who are burdened both physically and mentally in their daily lives. this areaa new medical option,Aim to be rooted in general.

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Special Advisor Jikei University School of Medicine
Professor, Department of Molecular Epidemiology

Mitsuyoshi Urashima

1986 Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine
1986 Worked at the affiliated hospital
1994-1997 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University
1999-2000 Master of Public Health, Harvard University
2001- Worked at Jikei University School of Medicine

Book: Life Prescription for Disease-Sensitive Cases

Published: June 2018

At the general internal medicine outpatient clinic, there are many cases that are greyed out according to the guidelines (i.e., whether treatment is at the limit), and it is difficult for doctors to deal with them. However, even in such gray cases, an approach based on evidence and values (patients' sense of values) expands the range of medical care and increases patient satisfaction. Focusing on cases of lifestyle-related diseases that are frequently encountered in outpatient clinics, this book presents new strategies for treating lifestyle-related diseases in an easy-to-understand manner while presenting a new weapon called "lifestyle prescriptions."Quote(Igaku Shoin)


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